Industrial Recommendation of Modeling of Inverter-Based Generators for Power System Dynamic Studies With Focus on Photovoltaic


Dynamic simulations have played an important role in assessing the power system dynamic studies. The appropriate numerical model is the key to obtain correct dynamic simulation results. In addition, the appropriate model including the selection of the individual model component (such as protections, controls, and capabilities) is different depending on the type of phenomena to be observed or examined. However, the proper selection of the model is not an easy task, especially for inverter-based generators (IBGs). Considerable industry experience concerning power system dynamic studies and the dynamics of the IBGs is required for the proper selection of the IBG model. The established CIGRE C4/C6.35/CIRED joint working group (JWG) has gathered a wide variety of experts, which fully cover the required industry experience. The JWG provides the guidance on the model selection for analyzing the phenomena, such as frequency deviation, large voltage deviation, and long-term voltage deviation, individually. This helps to reduce the computational burden, as well as it clarifies the required characteristics/functions that should be represented for the power system dynamic studies with the IBGs.

IEEE Power and Energy Technology Systems Journal
Petros Aristidou
Petros Aristidou
Assistant Professor