Stability Performance of Power Electronic Devices with Time Delays


This paper deals with the impact of time delays on small-signal stability of power systems with an all converter-interfaced generation. For this purpose, a delay differential algebraic equation model of the voltage source converter and its control scheme is developed. The regulation is based on replicating the dynamical properties of a synchronous machine through appropriate controller configuration. Therefore, a virtual inertia emulation is included in the active power control loop. A transcedental nature of the characteristic equation is resolved by implementing the Chebyshev’s discretization method and observing a finite number of critical, low-frequency eigenvalues. Based on the proposed approach, a critical measurement delay is evaluated. Furthermore, a bifurcation analysis of the droop gains and inertia constant is conducted. Stability regions and optimal parametrization of the voltage source converter controls are evaluated and discussed.

Proc. of IEEE PES Powertech Conf., Manchester

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Petros Aristidou
Petros Aristidou
Assistant Professor