A Robust Coordinated Expansion Planning Model For Wind Farm-Integrated Power Systems With Flexibility Sources Using Affine Policies


This article presents a two-stage adaptive robust coordinated generation and transmission expansion planning model for a wind farm-integrated power system. Also, dynamic thermal rating (DTR) systems, energy storage systems, and optimal line switching maneuvers are considered as various flexible sources to enhance the flexibility of the power system in response to uncertain variations of net system demand. The proposed approach characterizes the uncertainty of demands, wind power, and DTRs in each representative day by a polyhedral uncertainty set. Additionally, the k-means clustering technique is used to obtain upward/downward variations of correlated uncertain parameters in each representative day and to construct the uncertainty set. The proposed model is inherently intractable as it includes infinite constraints modeling enforced techno-economic limitations for all realizations of uncertain parameters. To resolve this limitation, the proposed intractable model is recast as a tractable mixed-integer linear programming problem using affine policies. The proposed approach is implemented on the Garver 6-bus and IEEE 73-bus test systems. Simulation results illustrate its flexibility, practicality, and tractability.

IEEE Systems Journal
Petros Aristidou
Petros Aristidou
Assistant Professor