Multiple Ancillary Services Provision by Distributed Energy Resources in Active Distribution Networks


The electric power system is currently experiencing radical changes stemming from the increasing share of renewable energy resources and the consequent decommissioning of conventional power plants based on synchronous generators. Since the principal providers of ancillary services are being phased out, new flexibility and reserve providers are needed. The proliferation of Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) in modern distribution networks has opened new possibilities for distribution system operators, enabling them to fill the market gap by harnessing the DER flexibility. This paper introduces a novel centralized MPC-based controller that enables the concurrent provision of voltage support, primary and secondary frequency control by adjusting the setpoints of a heterogeneous group of DERs in active distribution grids. The input-multirate control framework is used to accommodate the distinct timescales and provision requirements of each ancillary service and to ensure that the available resources are properly allocated. Furthermore, an efficient way for incorporating network constraints in the formulation is proposed, where network decomposition is applied to a linear power flow formulation together with network reduction. In addition, different timescale dynamics of the employed DERs and their capability curves are included. The performance of the proposed controller is evaluated on several case studies via dynamic simulations of the IEEE 33-bus system.

11th Bulk Power Systems Dynamics and Control Symposium (IREP 2022)
Petros Aristidou
Petros Aristidou
Assistant Professor