Resilient and Sustainable Microgrid Planning on Alderney Island


Remote rural and islanded communities face many difficulties in adequate and secure energy supply. In many cases, connecting these communities to the bulk electricity grid is economically challenging or impossible due to geographical constraints. Climate change and reliance on fossil fuels make the electrification of these communities more complicated. In this project, the School of Electronic and Electrical Engineering at the University of Leeds (UoL) has collaborated with the Alderney Electricity Ltd (AEL) on the existing microgrid on Alderney Island as the 3rd largest of the Channel Islands to investigate reinforcement and investment solutions increasing its resilience and sustainability through employing and extending the microgrid planning tools developed at UoL. The project was funded through an UKRI EPSRC Impact Accelerator Award and co-funded by Alderney Electricity Ltd.

University of Leeds
Agnes Marjorie Nakiganda
Agnes Marjorie Nakiganda
PhD Candidate (UoL)